My First Book; The Guardian's Circle

The Guardian's Circle

Welcome to my Site!  The Guardian's circle is my first book I published.  Since it costs too much to buy (I have proof it exists, however) I made this site so others can enjoy this book for free!  This story IS copywrited, by lulu publications.

This book is in dedication to my friends, including my dear, first best friend, Kay, a wonderful young woman who inspired this by supporting my amateur writing talents.  My work is not where near her own, of which she writes beautifully.  I still keep the few I have, as memory of her. May her own writings be found and and sent through history, and her dreams come true!  Steve, for also reading my book and giving opinion,Kelsey, Christy, M, and of course Mrs. Uhler and Mrs. Collie and Mrs. Berwager for allowing this publication to be possible.